High School Science Apps

24 Apr
Here’s a short list of my top choices for high school science apps. Some of the more pricey ones I have not tested yet, but will update the site when we get the funding. I’ve listed them here though because of their wonderful reviews.
  • The Elements: A Visual Exploration – comprehensive catalog of all elements including interactive periodic table, dynamic pictures, and more. $13.99
  • Buffers $1.99 – Design buffers for pH control. Good for AP chemistry
  • Monster Anatomy 3D – $18.99 for each body region
  • Skeletal 3D $0.99
  • GeneIndexHD $1.99 Information about specific genes from a variety of sources.
  • 3D cell (free) interactive cell and cell stain exploration. Some adds that link to outside links to buy cell stains.
  • Mitosis (free, iPhone app) Very well done. Includes thorough descriptions of each phase with audio reading options. User has to move the cell parts through the phases to move on.
  • Touch Physics HD $2.99 game involving Newton’s laws. Only tested out free version for iPhone
  • Vernier Video Physics $2.99 – have not tested this yet. Does a physics video analysis. Video a moving object and it analyzes it. Comments state it does not mirror for teacher to display.
  • Pocket Heart $6.99 Have not tested, gets very positive reviews.
  • Wonders of Geology $12.99 Have not tested, award winning app. Shows photos and diagrams describing geologic sites.
  • Star Walk $4.99 – Award winning app, have not tested. Labels all starts, constellations, and satellites you point your iPad at.
  • Wolfram Alpha ($2.99 ) One of the best for college readiness. All inclusive search engine with a math and science focus. First stop for technical information
  • Weather Channel (free) up to date weather and interactive radar
  • Science360 (free) Interesting science news app. Uses visual bookmarking to display results.
  • Particle Zoo (free) Awesome app for students to learn particle physics. Incorporates cartoon versions of all particles, interactives, and summary charts.
  • NASA Visualization Explorer (free) Direct connection to NASA’s research spacecraft. Dynamic images and explanations.
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