Magisto Review

10 Apr

I’ve had a few love affairs with video editing software and they’ve all ended poorly. iMovie’s updates make it difficult for students to use (plus we don’t have enough Macs). WeVideo caused many tears when it erased an entire class of videos. Windows Movie Maker causes a nightmare of saving issues. Blah blah.

So, I’m reluctant to view new video programs. When I saw a post about Magisto I almost skipped over it. Fortunately, I also read the Daring LIbrarian’s post about Transparency (You can read it here too!) and felt that any tool to expose the awesomeness of our library couldn’t hurt.

So, this app is EASY to use. I tested it out with my iPad but you can upload video to use as well. Easy to use and easy to add music. Magisto suggests uploading a lot of video so there are lots of “good parts” to choose from. The program edits out “only the good stuff” and does not handle any tilted screens. The following file formats are supported: MOV, 3G2, 3GP, ASF, AVI, FLV, MOV, MP4, MPG MOD, MTS and M2TS.

It’s so easy to use that it might be TOO simple for upper grades. There’s no editing tools and no ability to download for free. After you create a video it is compressed for you and emailed (relatively) shortly.

This is no substitute for a real video editing app, but a good tool for showing off our beautiful library!

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